YA/NA Author. Singer/Songwriter. Healer. House Stark. Slytherin. Rookie Chef.

My Music

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You Are Gold

Single track about how so many long to live the good life in Hollywood.


Don't Bonus Mix

Two-part single includes full band song and acoustic version. The song is about my late stepfather's long and grueling battle with cancer.


Twenty Till 2

LP featuring some of my most beloved songs.


Christmas the Way it Used to Be

Single recalling the holidays as a child and those who are no longer here to share it with us.


Unmastered Songs from the Vault

Four-song EP featuring The Forgetting Room.


Winter's Symphony

Single about how life can be as cold and cruel as winter.


Fairy on the Stairs

LP featuring songs leaning on Euro Pop.


Letters From Adrian

This album will coincide with my novel of the same title. The work has been shelved temporarily while I pursue other works.

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