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The Hopi Mask

Boundless Magick Book 2

When Abigail Stone and her best friend, Patrick, travel to the Hopi Reservation to reconnect with his Native American roots, Abigail expects they’ll meet up with his family, explore the mesas, and sample some of the local cuisine. She isn’t prepared to be repeatedly driven into astral travel mode by mysterious voices beyond her control. While her resulting visions seem uneventful at first—a flash of her parents as teenagers trekking through the Arizona desert, or a glimpse of herself in a mirror, draped in Hopi ceremonial garb—they quickly intensify, until rendering her unconscious for days.

Upon awakening, Abigail’s father recalls her to the Kingdom of Adehya to ensure her safety. But even under his watchful eye, she feels more vulnerable than ever: Nikolas has renounced his duties as her tutor and protector to tend to his Council duties. Rumors abound that he’s secretly courting an Egyptian princess, with whom he spends the bulk of his free time. To make matters worse, Abigail finds herself under the tutelage of the philandering Duke Sebastian, who, to her dismay, shows more interest in adding her to his list of conquests than training her to be an expert witch.

As Abigail’s personal life and magical life crumble, her astral travels take an even darker turn—but she’s not at all prepared for how her visions add up and where they will lead her…

*Recommended for ages 14+*


The Masked Heir

A Novel

In her first brush with the social season, Lady Catherine Fairchild strives to secure the three most sought after desires of a single Victorian woman: a husband with a grand title, infinite riches, and a steady stream of invitations to London society's elite gatherings. But when her loving father appoints Miss Emelia Charpentier, a bastard French woman of little standing, as her chaperone, Catherine's hopes for her future falter. Emelia may present herself as an upstanding young woman both in speech and appearance, but the whole of London is awash with rumors of her late night dalliances with strange men in dark alleys. What respectable man will associate with, let alone marry, Catherine while she keeps such unsavory company?

As she struggles to unearth her father's motivation behind Emelia's privileged position, Catherine inches ever closer to discovering her own family's transgressions. Soon, she finds herself at the heart of a decades' old vendetta, immersed in a startling game of deception that will shatter everything she believes about her family, herself, and her own ambitions, transforming the Fairchild legacy forever.

*Recommended for ages 14+*


Boundless Magick

Book 1

Abigail Stone knows little of her Wiccan lineage until the age of seventeen, when she accidentally severs the magical bind placed upon her at birth.

Abigail's sudden ability to create magic astounds her. So do the consequences: The Wiccan Council considers untrained witches dangerous beings and does not permit them to reside in the ordinary world. Now Abigail must leave her family and friends behind on present-day Block Island and move to the Wiccan Kingdom of Adehya. There, she will learn to master her powers under the private instruction of an expert tutor.

Trapped in an enchanted realm frozen in the sixteenth century, surrounded by strangers and strange things, Abigail soon finds the recovery of her birthright to be the bane of her existence. She wants nothing to do with her powerful estranged father, the man behind her binding and exile, who now oversees her care. She has no desire to train under the tutelage of a hateful witch who positively delights in her magical blunders. What’s more, Abigail refuses to betray her heart at every turn to satisfy the will of a controlling prince.

However, Abigail’s inner rebel has set a dark and dangerous force into motion. Unless she can learn to play by the rules, the evil will fester—until it destroys everything and everyone in its path.

*Recommended for ages 14+*


Lolli and the Ladybug

A young girl named Lolli meets an adorable little ladybug friend who teaches her that living life to the happiest and fullest means traveling OUTSIDE the glass jar.

*Recommended for girls ages 3-6*

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