The Hopi Mask

Boundless Magick Book 2

Strange visions plague Abigail Stone when she joins her best friend on the Hopi reservation so that he can reconnect with his Native American roots. Though she considers the content of her visions trivial, she finds their triggers downright alarming: mysterious voices call her spirit into action, over which she has no control.

To complicate matters, Abigail returns to Adehya to discover that Nikolas has renounced his duties as her tutor and protector in favor of his obligations to the Council. He leaves Abigail in the care of the philandering Duke Sebastian, who, to Abigail’s dismay, shows more interest in bedding her than ensuring her safety and training her to be an expert witch.

As Abigail’s personal life spirals out of control--to the extent she faces shocking accusations of infidelity and threats of exile to Block Island--rumors abound that Nikolas has been secretly courting a stunning Egyptian princess. Harrowing as Abigail’s trials may be, she’s not at all prepared for how they add up and where they will lead her…

*Recommended for ages 14+*


The Masked Heir

In her first brush with the social season, Lady Catherine Fairchild strives to secure the three most sought after desires of a single Victorian woman: a husband with a grand title, infinite riches, and a steady stream of invitations to London society's elite gatherings.

But when her loving father appoints Miss Emelia Charpentier, a bastard French woman of little standing, as her chaperone, Catherine's hopes for her future falter. Emelia may present herself as an upstanding young woman both in speech and appearance, but the whole of London is awash with rumors of her late night dalliances with strange men in dark alleys. What respectable man will associate with, let alone marry, Catherine while she keeps such unsavory company?

As she struggles to unearth her father's motivation behind Emelia's privileged position, Catherine inches ever closer to discovering her own family's transgressions. Soon, she finds herself at the heart of a decades' old vendetta, immersed in a startling game of deception that will shatter everything she believes about her family, herself, and her own ambitions, transforming the Fairchild legacy forever.

*Recommended for ages 14+*


Boundless Magick

Seventeen-year-old Abigail Stone lives in exile on present-day Block Island, magically binded because of her family’s unseemly past. But, one night, during a freak stable accident, her powers mysteriously return.

Abigail has enough trouble grasping the idea that she can suddenly make magic. She doesn’t need the added complication of facing capital punishment for severing a Council-enforced bind. Fortunately, the Council agrees to spare her life. However, they cannot ignore the dark and dangerous force that she has spawned in their world with her crime. They order Abigail to the sixteenth-century kingdom of Adehya, where they secretly train her to defeat the evil she conjured, which now threatens to destroy the cosmos.

The Council’s plan backfires when Abigail falls for an off-limits prince. Their forbidden romance leaves Abigail powerless and at the mercy of the only entity that can help her fulfill her destiny: a vengeful Wiccan goddess who wants Abigail dead.

*Recommended for ages 14+*


Lolli and the Ladybug

A young girl named Lolli meets an adorable little ladybug friend who teaches her that living life to the happiest and fullest means traveling OUTSIDE the glass jar.

*Recommended for girls ages 3-6*

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